Carni Sostenibili at the EU Parliament in Brussels

Tomorrow, during an important event organized by EU40 on the Sustainable Livestock Production at the European Parliament in Brussels, Carni Sostenibili will be presented as the only example in Europe of a pre-competitive platform aiming to give to the consumers correct informations about meat production and consumption. Very proud and excited to participate.

We live in the age of misinterpretations when false and very often sensational, information is disseminated under the guise of news reporting, very often through social media channels. This phenomenon not only relates to political developments but concerns virtually all spheres of human activity where lack of fact based information can create mistrust and ultimately influence behaviours of voters, social groups or consumers.

In the past years during a series of events held at the European Parliament  by EU 40 in partnership with Elanco our industry partner we looked at challenges for sustainable livestock production in Europe. In the Roadmap for Sustainable EU Livestock a fact based communication was indeed singled as one of the key challenges for today’s livestock industry. The Roadmap recommended finding a common voice through which the livestock sector can communicate to consumers in a way that counterbalances many of the false myths associated with it. Tackling this challenge seems to become urgent in the current consumer world.

During the event will be discussed and proposed solutions to today’s major communication challenges to a sector that contributes substantially to the European economy (€168 billion annually, 45% of the total agricultural activity), to the EU’s  trade balance and creates employment for almost 30 million people.


The "Sustainable Meats" Project aims to identify the key topics, the state of knowledge and the most recent technical scientific trends, with the aim of showing that meat production and consumption can be sustainable, both for health and for the environment.